Mizuno NFT Collection

Mizuno publishes the "Mizuno NFT Collection" as digital data (NFT) in the hope that will connect athletes and artists with a new approach to sports. Athletes and their gear will continue to be recorded by people around the world without fading away in the future.

Purchase Flow (Auction)

In this auctiom you will bid/buy using cryptocurrency. Please open a cryptocurrency Account first.

Step 1: Set up an cryptocurrency account
In this auction you will bid/buy using cryptocurrency. Please open a cryptocurrency Account first.

Step 2: Wallet preparation
Wallet is required tomanage your NFTs and cryptocurrency. MIZUNO NFT COLLECTION will be sold at "OpenSea", the world's largest NFT marketplace where NFTs can be purchased. Please make sure to prepare a cryptocurrency wallet corresponding to OpenSea. (We recommend MetaMask Once your wallet is ready, please transfer the amount of cryptocurrency (ETH) to be used for the auction from your cryptocurrency account. Commissions and gas fees may be required when buying / selling on the NFT Market.

Step 3: Wallet Connect
When bidding/purchasing NFT, you will need to access OpenSea and connect with your wallet. After clicking your profile icon on OpenSea, you will be asked to connect with your wallet. Please connect with the wallet prepared at Step 2.

Step 4: Convert ETH to WETH
You must swap (convert) your ETH to wETH to bid in this auction. (Specifications as of JAN/23/2023. Please refer to OpenSea's specifications for details). Please swap from the function of your wallet.

Step 5: Bid on Auction
You have now prepared with the wETH needed for auction at OpenSea. Please proceed with bidding your wished NFT.

Step 6: The Highest bid wins
The highest bid at the end of each auction will win the auction. If the bidding price is 1wETH or over, the NFT will be transferred automatically. If under 1wETH, NFT will be transferred at a later date. (Feb 1, 2023 specification. Please refer to the OpenSea specifications)

Mizuno has created the MIZUNO NFT Collection as a new approach of sports to gather interest of wide range of people by connecting sports/art/athlete/gear. We issue our wish for athletes and sports gear to continue to be treasured and respected by the poeple all around the world as digital data (NFT).

NFT is a digital token (voucher) issued on the blockchain with no substitutability.

A blockchain is a distributed database or ledger that is shared among the nodes of a computer network. As a database, a blockchain stores information electronically in digital format. Blockchains are best known for their crucial role in cryptocurrency systems, such as Bitcoin, for maintaining a secure and decentralized record of transactions.

MIZUNO NFT COLLECTION will bid/buy with cryptocurrency. Please see the purchase flow for details.

GAS fee is required to purchase NFT at OPENSEA especiialy for the following actions.
●When purchasing NFTs
●When transferring (or donating) NFTs to another person
●When cancelling bids
●When converting WETH to ETH (or vice versa)

It is not required to bid on NFT auctions, but may be required to register with an exchange or other service to purchase ETH or to create a wallet. Please check each service you use for details.

Minors are not eligible to purchase.

No cancellation, returns, refunds are allowed under any circumstaces.

The identical NFTs to be sold at this time are not resold.

You may transfer/resale the purchased NFT, but Mizuno Corporation will not be responsible for those transactions.

All NFT transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can be viewed on OpenSea.

The contract address of the "MIZUNO NFT COLLECTION" collection is (0xD137eE7FEaeD91b6D83f1c6Aa1830e20D4d227c6), so Please check the contract address of the NFT you purchased on the Blockchain Explorer* or OpenSea and confirm that it matches the above address.

You can prove the authenticity of the NFT by checking the contract address of the NFT you purchased on Blockchain Explorer* or OpenSea and confirming that it matches the above address.

Blockchain Explorer is a search engine that allows you to search, confirm, and verify transactions made on the blockchain.

No problem

Please contact MIZUNO Customer Service.