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Brayelin & Jinery Martinez - For the Moment Campaign

Brayelin & Jinery Martinez

Brayelin and Jinery Martinez were born in Santo Domingo, on a small Caribbean Island. They love their country, but moreover, they love to be on the court, striving to be the best version of themselves. Together they had to face many difficulties, but learnt to overcome them and in the progress becoming stronger and more passionate each step of the way. These two sisters, together with their team, created such a strong bond between them that it helps when facing pressure and expectations of a whole nation. With their eyes set on the future they inspire the next generation to become better versions of themselves

Surbiton Hockey Club

Surbiton hockey club

Surbiton hockey club was founded in 1874, establishing it the second oldest hockey club in the world. They are the reigning champions of both the women’s and men’s Premier Leagues – the women have triumphed for each of the last seven years and the men for three out of the last four years. <br><br> The first teams are packed with international stars, but Surbiton is a club with players of all standards, boasting well over 1000 members and including 50 junior teams. <br><br> Mizuno is proud to sponsor Surbiton Hockey Club, proving all training & competition apparel as well as seeing many of the players wearing the specialty hockey shoes.

Helen Glover - For The Moment

Helen Glover

After Helen Glover returned from Rio in 2016 with a glorious gold medal, emulating her achievement in London four years previously, she took the decision to step away from her beloved sport of rowing. In the years that followed she didn’t so much as sit in a boat or on a rowing machine, instead starting a family and dedicating her time to raising three children. During the 2020 lockdown she returned to the rowing machine to discover that she still had the fitness and passion to compete at the highest level. Helen hopes her incredible journey can help inspire people and show that having children should not mean an end to something that they are passionate about.

Jonathan Goerlach - For The Moment

Jonathan Goerlach

Making his triathlon debut in 2012, we are proud to share the story of our latest For The Moment ambassador Jonathan Goerlach. A committed Paratriathlete who has been diagnosed with Usher syndrome. Ranked number three in the world for the vision-impaired men's category, Jonathan faces obstacles, with his site guide Sam by his side. Despite having won numerous races and three World Parathriatlon Series events, his proudest moment is whenever he receives messages from children who have similar disabilities and aspire to become an athlete like Jonathan.

Emily Defroand - For the Moment campaign

Emily Defroand

The latest addition to our For The Moment campaign features Emily Defroand, a dynamic, committed midfield hockey player who represents both Great Britain and England. Since her international debut in 2017 she has gone on to collect over 50 senior caps and win medals at Commonwealth & European championships. Emily is an ardent follower of many different sports and calls upon her experiences to motivate young athletes towards pursuing their ambitions. In this video Emily tells us all about the highs, lows, sacrifices and rewards that sport provides.

For the Moment

The FOR THE MOMENT campaign follows our top athletes on their very personal and challenging journey to Japan this summer.

Robert Farah and Juan Sebastian Cabal - For the Moment campaign


We visit Bogota, Colombia in the next instalment of our "For the Moment" campaign to see how childhood friends Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah have captivated a nation by their meteoric rise to the top of the tennis world. Having won back to back Grand Slams at Wimbledon and the US Open, the Colombian duo finished the year as the World No.1 ranked men's doubles players. It's certainly not been an easy ride for them particularly in a football crazy country not renowned for tennis - but they've done it their way, through hard work, friendship, trust and understanding. Cabal and Farah are the complete package and the new masters of their craft, inspiring a new generation of Colombian tennis players and fans following their every move.

Holly Bradshaw - For the Moment campaign

Holly Bradshaw

Holly Bradshaw is the most decorated pole vault athlete in British history. Having played many sports at a young age, Holly knew pole vault was her calling from the moment she attended her first coaching session. She has gone on to collect 12 national titles indoor and outdoor, European indoor gold and a fine collection of medals at international level – she has also been UK record holder for nine years. Holly is an exceptional ambassador for female sport, passionately encouraging women and girls to participate, inspire and achieve their goals.

Seremaia "Jerry" Tuwai Vunisa - For the Moment campaign

Seremaia "Jerry" Tuwai Vunisa

Seremaia "Jerry" Tuwai Vunisa has already written a piece of history in Rugby. He and his team, the Fiji Sevens, returned home from Rio 2016 with a shiny, gold medal on their chest. From that moment onwards, Jerry has worked and trained even harder, giving all himself to re-pay the sacrifices made by his parents. Indeed, their endorsement made him the incredible athlete he is today. Part of his mission is also to inspire the next generation of Fijians and to show that anything is possible. Any dream can become true.

Bence Bicsák - For the Moment campaign

Bence Bicsák

The second chapter of our story comes from Pécs, Hungary. Dive into Bence Bicsák’s life with us and discover what a Triathlete’s day looks like. Learn about his efforts, sacrifices and long training sessions to reach the ultimate goal. Ranked among the world’s top 10 triathletes, Bence is restlessly training to be the best, day after day, because even the smallest detail can make the difference between winning or losing. All, for the moment.

Anders Berntsen Mol & Christian Sandlie Sørum - For the moment campaign

Anders Berntsen Mol & Christian Sandlie Sørum

From out of the cold to conquering the beach. The campaign’s journey starts with the remarkable story of best friends Anders Bertsen Mol and Christian Sandlie Sørum who compete in the Men's Beach Volleyball Doubles. They have a great chance of winning but unlike their competitors they’ve had to learn the hard way, training in subzero conditions and battling the bitter cold of the Norwegian Winter.