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Nomad Pack

The Inspiration

Nomad is a tribute to free spirits and social travellers. The inner desire to be in nature is one of the main inspirations for this adventure-inspired package, emphasizing the contrast between the harshness of nature and the tranquillity it still conveys to people. Nomad Pack celebrates the human journey through the outdoors as a way for people to find themselves, reconnect and re-balance.




€ 250,00

The Shoes

Nomad features Mizuno’s most technical silhouettes dressed in a premium, yet sophisticated colour story. The tones and shades of these sneakers reflect the untamed beauty and roughness of nature that inspired the pack. References to nature are also the marble midsole effect and the mountains and “cairn” logo printed in the insoles. Hairy suede and technical woven mesh are the materials chosen for this pack.

Wave Mujin TL



€ 190,00