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Who is it for?

・For serious level (advanced) all-around players ・For players who place importance on ease of movement, turns, and speed in their games

Product Details


Advanced players can count on this speed-boosting shoe to outpace the competition. It combines a light weight with features that will enhance your starting motions, ease of movement, and turns. These include the MIZUNO ENERZY NXT and MIZUNO ENERZY INSOLE at the ball of the foot for quick starts and turns, plus the updated WAVE PLATE that converts your power into speed. The shoe has also been updated for comfort, including the tongue design that feels soft on the foot and the Dyna-Eyelet Wrap that snugly envelops the foot. [Hit the ball faster with a quick first step!] 1) By adopting the new functional material MIZUNO ENERZY NXT at the ball of the foot plus the MIZUNO ENERZY INSOLE, this shoe supports the quick turns and starting movements necessary for a speed model. 2) By updating the WAVE PLATE (extension to the forefoot on the outside only plus adaptation of the D-Flex Groove design), this shoe offers an excellent rigid feel that instantly converts power into speed, and smoother twisting kick-off motions. 3) The newly functional Dyna-Eyelet Wrap, an eyelet structure with large cut-outs, provides a fit that feels like it wraps the entire foot, and is designed to make the shoe snugly fit the foot's motions both when at rest and when on the move. 4) Updated 3D-SOLID design. While maintaining the softness of the upper, which has received high acclaim since the previous model, durability has been improved through greater coverage of the inner instep area that receives wear and tear. 5) The design of the shoe tongue edges has been updated from the previous model. It is now softer against the foot and more easily conforms to its shape, allowing for stress-free wear.


hand wash 30C do not tumble dry do not bleach
hand wash 30C, do not tumble dry, do not bleach


Select a technology to learn more:
Mizuno Enerzy Nxt
Mizuno Wave

Mizuno Wave
Inspired by nature, Wave is a unique midsole technology that provides both cushioning and stability.

D-Flex Groove

D-Flex Groove
A specifically engineered diagonal groove in the midfoot area allows the player to turn at maximum speed and power by efficiently transferring natural body movement and shift in direction.


A mid-sole material that delivers excellent softness and rebound next to being very durable.


An evolutionary lightweight midsole that delivers stress-free cushioned rides with high rebounds.


An exceedingly lighweight midsole material with excellent comfort and resilience properties.

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