Reaching a milestone built on trust, this season, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of an icon: the Wave Rider. Throughout the seasons the Wave Rider has evolved to become a runners’ favorite that just keeps getting better. To commemorate this special event, we have created a limited edition Wave Rider 25 to represent the years of commitment and perseverance as we continue to provide runners with the best running experience as they meet their goals and continue to enjoy their running journey.


25 years of an icon

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Wave Rider 25 Anniversary Edition



€ 150,00

Making its first appearance in 1997, we have committed to helping runners reach their full potential through integrating high-end technology into the Wave Rider series. Being the first to feature MIZUNO WAVE technology and the first to integrate MIZUNO ENERZY, the Wave Rider 25 has been created with the runner’s best interest in mind. Immersed in white and silver details to highlight a quarter-century of existence, this limited edition shoe features a full new upper and midsole to enhance its propulsive feeling, its full-length MIZUNO ENERZY top midsole and a MIZUNO ENERZY reinforcement on the heel wedge, allows this version of the Wave Rider to feel even more dynamic and responsive than its predecessors. Featuring a new MIZUNO WAVE shape allows this model to get in sync with your movements, providing more stability for an effortless running experience.