While it may be tempting to push as hard as you can, it is true that slow and steady wins the race. The best way to get to the start line injury free and ready to run is by slowly increasing distance and pace over time, so your body has time to adjust and grow stronger through the process.

Luckily our Team Mizuno coaches have created 12-week programs to build you up to race distance slowly and safely, setting you up for a perfect race day.

Just remember although it may get tough at times, enjoy the process. Running can be fun, and nothing is going to beat that finish line feeling on race day.

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You’ll notice that all of the programs contain sessions like “Hill Reps” & “Sprints” what is that about? These are all about increasing your speed and aerobic capacity, giving the body different challenges helps you to continue to adapt and improve and will give you the strength and endurance to get through the race on the day.

Get Race Ready!