Mizuno World

The World At Your Feet

No matter if you run on a treadmill, on trails or through city blocks, the landscape you run is your world to discover. It’s where you beat mental and physical challenges, it’s where you find new places, new people, new stories, new realities and opinions. It’s both in your mind, in rea life and in the virtual world. Expanding your horizons, your human experience. Pushing your limits — and potential — broadens everything from culture, education, and mental well-being. Reaching a new level is not the finish line. It is always merely the start of a new adventure with so much more to discover. You have the world at your feet.

Contender Mita

90s culture is the main inspiration for the exciting collaboration with "24Karats" and "mita sneakers" The protagonist of the collaboration will be the "CONTENDER" , an iconic style that comes from the 1995 running catalogue. Beige pigskin, brown nubuck, and green oiled leather are skillfully used. The upper has a bold dollar bill print which is based on the ripstop nylon and that was popular in the street scene of the 90's.

Wave Rebellion

The brand new Wave Rebellion is the product of our quest to bring extra pace to everyday runners in their next race or speed sessions. Our goal is simple: to help you run fast, whatever your fast is. And to make sure you feel comfortable all the way through.

Mizuno Shinzo

The Mizuno Contender takes us back to the legacy of sports, performance, and the 90's culture. The contender we worked on is an invitation to travel, from Paris to Tokyo. The first skin, in corduroy, is inspired by the fashion capital, its subway, freestones, and architecture. The second skin in canvas, reminds us of the Japanese Cherry blossom season and the colours of Tokyo. There are two options: Let the pair wear out over time or use your creative instinct to combine the two worlds.

Morelia DNA Pack

Over three decades ago, something unique came to life. Stitched by masterful hands, its shape has been woven between the lines of the past and the future. The uniqueness and quality of Japanese innovation are ingrained into its nature and essence.

Black Venom Pack

The quintessence of speed and acceleration with the mysterious black based Morelia Neo lll β of the Black Venom Pack

Wave Mujin 8

Explore the great outdoors with this confidence booster of a shoe. Designed to keep you safe during your trail runs, the Wave Mujin 8 is created to ensure that you feel comfortable through the toughest environments. Featuring MIZUNO ENERZY throughout the entire bottom midsole for amazing cushioning and energy return as well as MIZUNO WAVE for great stability.

Judo World Championship 2021

Judo World Championship 2021

Last week, 2021 Judo World Championships took place in Budapest, Hungary. This was the last international judo competition before the main event of this summer.

Wave Luminous 2

Be a conductor of light as you bring your energy on to the court. Allow the Wave Luminous 2 to help you feel undefeated as it provides you with superior comfort and high-shock absorption needed as you get ready to jump high and dig deep.

Wave Mirage 4

Like an optical illusion, breeze past your opponent without leaving a trace. Lightweight, fast, and responsive makes the Wave Mirage 4 the perfect companion for competitive Handball players. Thanks to the new innovative bootie construction, this model brings you the best-in-class fitting while maintaining a close-to-the-ground feeling that allows you to move freely on court.

Morelia Wave

Part of the 'Made in Japan' Series this hand crafted limited-edition model has been launched to commemorate the history and the heritage of Mizuno Football and the iconic Wave technology which has been used in Mizuno Footwear over the last 30 years. A unique footwear technology that combines two essential elements: cushioning and stability.

Wave Rider 25 Anniversary Edition

Reaching a milestone built on trust, this season, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of an icon: the Wave Rider. Throughout the seasons the Wave Rider has evolved to become a runners’ favorite that just keeps getting better. To commemorate this special event, we have created a limited edition Wave Rider 25 to represent the years of commitment and perseverance as we continue to provide runners with the best running experience as they meet their goals and continue to enjoy their running journey.