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Wave Lightning Neo

The Wave Lightning Neo has been developed to provide you with a premium and innovative fitting. Infused with MIZUNO ENERZY Core technology, this volleyball shoe offers high energy return properties, supporting you to jump higher while on the court.

Wave Sky 4

With the constant pursuit for the ultimate floating run, the Wave Sky 4 features our latest MIZUNO ENERZY technology.

Wave Stealth Neo

The Wave Stealth Neo has been developed in Japan with Mizuno’s technology focused philosophy.

Mizuno Hockey

Mizuno Hockey

Aiming for further growth within the European sports industry, Mizuno has decided to enter the realm of Field Hockey.

Mizuno Golf

Mizuno is proud that its golf equipment is trusted and played by professionals across the world's tours – many not contracted to do so.

Wave Rider 10 OG

Wave Rider 10 OG

13 years after its very first release, Mizuno is welcoming back a true and tested favourite in Wave Rider 10, and does so reprising the OG colours and composition of the shoe straight from the 2007 catalogue, and making it available as a worldwide Kazoku exclusive.



Inspired by our Japanese roots, our latest Handball & Volleyball collection pays tribute to the traditional culture of mechanical robots and their common representation of being invincible heroes. In this pack, the feeling of invincibility is brought by the innovative Mizuno features that brings you all the power and speed you need to perform on court. Its functional design places focus on the key technical elements highlighted in subtle colorful pops over a clean white or black base. Be your own hero and choose the Mizuno Robotica pack before stepping on court this season!

Robert Farah and Juan Sebastian Cabal - For the Moment campaign


We visit Bogota, Colombia in the next instalment of our "For the Moment" campaign to see how childhood friends Juan Sebastian Cabal and Robert Farah have captivated a nation by their meteoric rise to the top of the tennis world. Having won back to back Grand Slams at Wimbledon and the US Open, the Colombian duo finished the year as the World No.1 ranked men's doubles players. It's certainly not been an easy ride for them particularly in a football crazy country not renowned for tennis - but they've done it their way, through hard work, friendship, trust and understanding. Cabal and Farah are the complete package and the new masters of their craft, inspiring a new generation of Colombian tennis players and fans following their every move.

Show Your Color

Show Your Colors

This color pack is for athletes who want to play at the absolute best of their ability without compromising on their femininity and show their true color on the court as well.

Wave Rider 10 Beams sneakers

Wave Rider 10 Beams

A special collaboration with cult Japanese sneaker heaven Beams. Mizuno is welcoming back a true and tested favourite Wave Rider 10, and does so in style.

Shape of time

Shape of time

Mizuno introduces Shape of Time. This collection is composed of two styles, each in two different colour variations, and is an ode to time and our way of shaping it. The geometric lines and curved lines which feature on both the Wave Rider and the Sky Medal are a reminder of the dual nature of time, which is not just a precise notion measured in increments, but also a more romantic concept made of happenstance and memories. Pops of colours such as red and yellow contribute to a summery vibe.