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Wave Prophecy LS

These shoes are the outcome of a study on simplicity and authenticity, a tribute to..

Undyed Pack

The Undyed collection is a love letter to nature, to its cyclical aspects and to its raw beauty.

Wave Sky 6

Experience Mizuno's highest level of comfort and cushioning: thanks to

Dark iridium

Refined for supreme comfort and acceleration, it offers an excellent touch to the ball in all conditions.

Wave Rider Amsterdam

Since 23 years, Mizuno is the main sponsor of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon...

Wave Rider 26

Ideal for runners with an average build, the Wave Rider 26, is considered a runner’s perfect

Wave Neo Collection

Designed with the environment in mind the Wave Neo collection features the most environmentally friendly

Passion Red 2.0

Coursing through the veins of every champion the colour red provokes the strongest of all emotions and forces the extreme drive towards our passion and power. Pushing every champion to go harder, faster, and further.

Nevobo Kit

The same high quality that is also worn by the Dutch Volleyball team

Wave Horizon 6

To bring comfort and support to the next level we have updated the Wave Horizon 6 to offer high stability without sacrificing cushioning. Combining MIZUNO ENERZY core with our Mizuno Wave technology, the Wave Horizon 6 will provide a floating feeling with a kick of energy return.

S.S. Lazio Third Kit

Today we reveal S.S. Lazio’s third kit for the 2022 -2023 season at the club’s training camp in Auronzo.

Wave Exceed Tour 5

Designed with speed in mind, the Wave Exceed Tour 5 brings unrivalled flexibility whilst maintaining a fantastic fit and delivering sensational stability.