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Mizuno Volleyball shoes

Looking to buy volleyball shoes? Discover our Wave Lightning, Wave Voltage, Wave Momentum and other popular models. With maximum bounciness, a firm heel cap and comfort you can trust on. Ideal for indoor sports which require a lot of jumps, to bring optimal support to your feet.

Volleyball requires outstanding bounciness, sufficient stability for sideways movements and a comfortable pair of shoes that will keep you going for a long time. ... With, for example, our Wave plate and unique materials for a lightweight and bouncy sole. With Pownce or AP+ as important innovations in our popular volleyball shoes.

Maximum bounciness

The best shoes for volleyball and comparable indoor sports combine maximum bounciness with exceptional stability and cushioning. Adjusted to up and down movements, while also maintaining the trust to make sudden sideways movements or dives.

You can count on Mizuno for a number of unique characteristics in our volleyball shoes:

  • Wave plate with a diving board effect
  • Our characteristic Wave plate guarantees maximum bounciness. Like the effect of a diving board, thanks to the natural rolling motion of our indoor shoes.

  • Pownce or AP+ midsole
  • The high-quality materials of the midsole combine a lightweight feel with maximum bounciness, to jump as high as possible every time.

  • Semi-attached tongue for more comfort
  • The attached and semi-attached tongue in our volleyball shoes assures a seamless fit. Ultimate comfort in a pair of secure indoor shoes.

    Trust on the comfortable fit and, for example, our unique Enerzy material in the forefoot. Characteristics that contribute to the comfort and bounciness, and are especially suitable for volleyball and comparable indoor sports. You will jump effortlessly, make explosive sideways movements with ease, and will experience exceptional endurance. Thanks to a pair of shoes that supports you, while you hardly even notice that you are wearing them.

Wave Lightning, Wave Voltage, Wave Momentum

Curious about our popular models for volleyball and comparable indoor sports? Discover the Wave Lightning, Wave Voltage en Wave Momentum. With the Wave Lightning NEO as ultimate proof of our innovation, in which we have shown exactly what we are capable of. Thanks to even more bounciness and comfort, in a fit that seems to have been made for your foot.

Discover and experience the different Mizuno volleyball shoes, which will always support you perfectly to get the most out of every training and competition. On a pair of indoor shoes that take you further and are worn by professional athletes for a reason.

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