Mizuno X Ceizer
Stories | 31.08.2020

Mizuno X Ceizer Collaboration

Mizuno has been the main sponsor of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon for 21 years. Every year, Mizuno challenges an artist to celebrate the art of running by collaborating on a special edition shoe.


The Mizuno x Ceizer Wave Skyrise and Sky Medal were born as a TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2020 special edition. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the Amsterdam Marathon has been cancelled. Despite the odds, Mizuno x Ceizer aim to inspire and motivate runners with the shoes original design and vibrant colours.

Both shoes will be released on the 5th of September, and will be available on Mizuno.com .

Mizuno X Ceizer

About the artist

Pieter Ceizer is a Paris-based artist and typographer from Amsterdam. With his background in typography, Ceizer makes use of retro style scripts and vibrant colours to create playful and uplifting pieces that blur the lines between words and figures. Often suggesting a ‘dream’ state of mind, his choice of words, phrases and subject matter are empowering, humorous, and poetic. Next to his independent art and clothing line, he has worked and collaborated with several brands like Coca-Cola, Ralph Lauren, Heineken, Adobe, Uniqlo, and Colette.

‘’The colours I used for this collaboration represent The Vondelpark, the canals & the summer time in Amsterdam. The blue-ish green and soft mint symbolize nature; the park and the green canals, the yellow and orange stand for sunshine and the transition of summer too fall, when all that is green will turn orange and yellow. In the summer, you train for the marathon and you enjoy the beautiful calm city of Amsterdam, in the fall we run the marathon.’’

- Pieter Ceizer

Mizuno X Ceizer

Wave Skyrise

This special edition shoe is decorated with vibrant coloured graphics in yellow, orange and tones of green, with multi-coloured speckles on the heel wedge not only highlights the technical features of the shoe but also makes for a fresh, energetic look.

The Wave Skyrise is a neutral road running shoe that obtains soft cushioning and responsiveness. Catering to runners who desire comfort with every stride, it combines Mizuno Wave (foam), with XPOP. Mizuno Wave (foam) reduces pressure during landing and guides the movement of the foot while XPOP increases energy return and durability for an effortless feel.

Mizuno X Ceizer

Sky Medal

‘I made 2 typographical mono-line designs which you can find on the back of the Sky Medal; '(2)020 Marathon' and 'Am Ster Dam'; the code of Amsterdam – 020 – is in the year date (2)020 and ‘ster’ means ‘star’ as everyone who participates the marathon got their time to shine. All together we make the beautiful universe of energy, persistence, and endurance. I see life as a marathon and everything you want to succeed at you have to be persistence, keep training, keep going, while staying focused you have to enjoy your journey of becoming a better human, runner, artist or entrepreneur.’

The Sky Medal's versatile design and athletic past offers the ideal canvas for this collaboration. Outlining the iconic ‘Runbird’ in orange while the shoes subtle contrast of its off-white upper compliments the speckled heel and a brightly coloured sock construction brings out the shoes raw urban appeal.

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