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Mizuno X Volleyball World

Mizuno X Volleyball World

With great honor we would like to announce that Mizuno has signed a two-year agreement with Volleyball World, a marketing company responsible for promoting volleyball globally. With this agreement we aim to further strengthen its ties with volleyball fans around the world – deepening consumer connectivity with Mizuno products, affiliated teams and athletes. This agreement with Volleyball World will strengthen Mizuno Volleyball's brand appeal and contribute to the promotion of volleyball on a global scale and the expansion of its fan base by making it possible to utilize the image rights of teams and players participating in various tournaments organized by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) through 2024.

Future Gardens

Future Gardens celebrates the peaceful interaction and synergy between nature and people. Mizuno looks at technology not as an obstacle but as way towards a future where humans and nature will coexist in a symbiotic relationship. Using advanced technology while respecting nature has been a recurring theme in Mizuno’s research for a balance between innovation and tradition. The use of neutral colours and clean designs speaks of comfort and inner calm and is reminiscent of plant therapy with its power to find peace of mind. The embroidery of the Ayame iris, a flower that blooms around May in the wild lands of Japan, maximises the connection between this pack and nature.

SR4 Signature Model Vol. II

Greatness is a title bestowed on an elite few. It starts with a deep passion, which pushes boundaries and raises standards. That fuels an endless hunger for success which is never satisfied. and it results in a legendary status that cannot be taken away from Sergio Ramos.

Wave Enforce Tour

It's equipped with MIZUNO ENERZY CORE for energy return and cushioning for high-impact movements, with a flat sole and outrigger for rotational movement. The Dyna-Heel Lock structure also provides enhanced fit and stability for your ankle and heel.

Noh-men Pack

Noh-men is a Japanese musical-drama performance art that combines elements of music, dance, and masked theater. It is a masterpiece of Japanese traditional arts, featuring powerful storytelling and spiritual energy.

Morelia Neo III Beta Japan

Morelia Neo III Beta Japan

Introducing the Morelia Neo III Beta Japan: the latest generation of a legendary boot, designed and crafted with performance in mind. Combining the best of modern materials with the purest K-leather in the world, this boot is built for maximum comfort and acceleration. With the feeling of a second skin, you'll be able to move with unparalleled grace and power on the field.

Wave Rider Beta

Wave Rider Beta

Combining tradition and craftsmanship with technology and innovation, the new Wave Rider β is a tribute to one of Mizuno’s true icons: the Wave Rider. Redesigned, while taking inspiration from the iconic models found in its line, the Wave Rider β represents a perfect balance of innovation and tradition.

Wave Rider 26 Roxy

With the combination of Mizuno’s commitment towards global environmental preservation and ROXY’s celebration of women with positive energy and support of female athletes, the WAVE RIDER 26 ROXY is the perfect shoe for the active lifestyle.

Wave Lightning Neo 2

The Lightning NEO 2 is the modern evolution of the Wave Lightning Z7. With a sleek design sporting a full knit upper and the most advanced Mizuno technologies, a footwear model like this has never been seen before in the Volleyball world.

Wave Rebellion Pro

Wave Rebellion Pro

The new Wave Rebellion Pro is the first Mizuno shoe to integrate a Wave plate with the use of carbon fiber and "Smooth Speed ​​Assist" technologies Welcome to a new generation of speed!

Wave Mujin TL GTX

The Wave Mujin TL GTX has a distinct outdoor feel, while staying sleek and sophisticated. Combined with function-based pieces of apparel, it can become the perfect shoe to please the ones that want to bring outdoors and fashion together, keeping the explorer mindset.

Trail Running

At Mizuno, we aimed to answer the following question: “How can we remove the weight of excess materials, while simultaneously enhancing the protection levels of a trail shoe?” While retaining its critical protective parts across the upper mesh and PU sock liner, the Wave Mujin 9 decreased its weight from 355 grams to 340 grams compared to its predecessor.