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Judo World Championship 2021

Judo World Championship 2021

Last week, 2021 Judo World Championships took place in Budapest, Hungary. This was the last international judo competition before the main event of this summer.

Fascitis plantar: qué es, principales síntomas y cómo tratarla

Descubre todo lo que debes saber sobre la fascitis plantar: qué es, por qué se produce, sus principales síntomas y los mejores ejercicios para superarla

Ayuno intermitente: qué es, beneficios y compatibilidad con el deporte

Resuelve todas tus dudas sobre el ayuno intermitente: qué es, sus peligros y ventajas, qué comer, los tipos de ayuno y si es adecuado para los deportistas.

Mizuno X GCDS

GCDS and Mizuno come together in an exciting collaboration that pays homage to the purity of shape and colour.

Entrenamiento trail running: 7 consejos para empezar

¿Quieres correr por la montaña? Te explicamos cómo empezar desde cero con los mejores ejercicios de entrenamiento para trail running. ¡No te lo pierdas!

Sky Medal Premium

Sky Medal Premium

A contemporary Japanese aesthetic informs the Mizuno SS21 Sportstyle collection, blending the brand’s signature integrity with muted color-blocking and a colour palette that winks back to vintage sports. The result is an ode the brand’s history since its inception.

Vegan Running Shoes

We are proud to announce that our entire running footwear range is now 100% vegan friendly.

Wave Horizon 5

Created for high mileage runners who need extra support yet still want a floating feeling while running. The new Wave Horizon 5 delivers one-of-a-kind cushioning, unrivaled stability and a secure fit. Updated with the latest MIZUNO ENERZY Foam for amazing cushioning, comfort and a bouncy feeling that will help you enjoy every step.

Raúl Entrerríos: The Last Dance

We interviewed Raúl Entrerríos regarding his remaining months as a professional Handball player, his career and the challenges he is about to face. You can’t miss it!

Become a part of #TeamMizuno!

Become a part of #TeamMizuno! Mizuno is looking for a new member of the larasch.de scholarship program

Wave Daichi 6

Run through the trails free of fear with the new Wave Daichi 6, this shoe is a perfect match for the adventurous spirit of the trail runner. Equipped with a Michelin outsole designed specifically for trail running, this well balanced and versatile shoe is the perfect companion to help you enjoy running in the great outdoors.

Eclipse Pack

Eclipse Pack

Like an eclipse, every game can change like day and night. The next play, the next hit and the next pass will drastically change the outcome of the game. Think fast, Keep your opponent in the dark and make sure your moves are as mysterious as the moon. Turn the game around with the help of the all-black eclipse pack.