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Handball shoes

Handball shoes that guarantee maximum stability: that is exactly what our trustworthy Mizuno shoes stand for. Made up of comfortable materials, with a firm synthetic heel cap, and a sole with optimal grip and excellent manoeuvrability. For fast movements on an indoor surface, with a pair of shoes that supports players to perform at the highest level.

Optimal stability is highly important in a handball shoe, on which you can trust in the Wave Stealth, Wave Mirage and Wave Phantom.... Three of our product lines are especially designed for handball, as well as for a number of other indoor sports. Which you can perform as actively as you want, without losing stability.

Optimal stability

The best shoes for handball offer optimal stability. During turns and explosive movements, when you want to be able to trust on a pair of grounded shoes. For maximum contact with the ground thanks to a straight sole, and a tapered shape of the shoe for quick and effortless turns.

Our Mizuno handball shoes combine multiple important characteristics, that are especially made for indoor sports:

  • Firm heel cap
  • Outstanding support in the back of the shoe. With extra enforcements, so that every landing is comfortable, and you are ready for any explosive movement at any time.

  • Top-notch sole
  • There are softer, more flexible soles, and also firm and harder ones. Thanks to the use of MIZUNO ENERZY and the innovative Pownce, very lightweight and with more bounciness.

  • Full freedom of movement
  • Turns, sprints, stops and sideways movements: it is all possible thanks to the full freedom of movement you will experience with our handball shoes. With a lot of direct contact with indoor surfaces, for a stable pair of shoes you can trust on.

Wave Stealth, Wave Mirage and Wave Phantom

Curious about our most popular shoes for handball, adjusted to the important characteristics that indoor surfaces ask for? Discover, for example, our Wave Stealth, Wave Mirage or Wave Phantom.

These are handball shoes that offer impressive manoeuvrability, forward, sideways, and backwards. With sufficient cushioning for handball movements, as well as for squash, badminton and other sports that require intense footwork. On a pair of shoes with our Wave plate and other unique technologies, that keep the shoes light and offer outstanding stability.

Mizuno handball shoes

Enthusiastic about our Mizuno handball shoes? Choose nothing but the best, on a pair of shoes that offer you optimal stability. For handball and a number of other indoor sports, thanks to the grounding quality. To turn, run in all directs, and make explosive movements. On a pair of shoes you can trust, in combination with comfort that will last you a long time.

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