Wave Rebellion Pro

Wave Rebellion Pro

Mizuno ENERZY Lite+

The ultimate evolution of the bounciest foam is now even softer and lighter than Mizuno ENERZY Lite

Mizuno Wave

The carbon-infused nylon wave-shaped plate provides a stable speed run without any sacrifice of the cushion feel. Extended to the forefoot in order to support the Smooth Speed Assist Function.

Smooth Speed Assist

Our new function is made for every personal best. It assists with smooth forefoot running with a unique heel-to-toe bottom line geometry.

Mizuno ENERZY Lite

It brings the next level of soft cushion and high energy retunr with ligthweight.

G3 Outsole

The PU resin outsole provides superior grip with less weight. In the forefoot area the texture is shaped for the highest traction, one the mid-read foot it is shaped for smooth landing.

Smooth speed assist

More than a technology, it's a construction philosophy.

A system of lengths and angles optimized to minimize muscle fatigue produced by the most efficient support for running fast: the fore-midfoot.