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Für wen ist der Schuh geeignet?

For serious level (advanced level) baseliners and rearguard players. For players who play with strokes while keeping a firm grip on the ground, as opposed to players who tend to move lightly. For players who develop their game aggressively with powerful strokes. For players who prefer shoes with some weight and stability rather than being light and easy to move in. For players with good physique.



This shoe is specially designed to enhance stroke motions to keep you powerful until the very end of the match. It is equipped with MIZUNO ENERZY CORE for energy return and cushioning against strong impact against the court, which supports translational movement. The flat sole and outrigger support strong rotational movement. The new Dyna-Heel Lock structure also improves the fit and stability of the ankle and heel.

• Stroke motion (translational motion / rotational movement) are important for this

• To create translational motion, the heel and ball of the toe are equipped with MIZUNO ENERZY CORE for high energy return. Designed to cushion impact from the ground and achieve smooth weight transfer from the heel to the big toe.

• To support strong rotational movement, the flat sole and outrigger are adopted to widen the sole gauge, and CPU is applied to the upper to enhance the outer grip and stability.




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Handwäsche bei 30°C, nicht bleichen, nicht im Wäschetrockner trocknen

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