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Herren Laufen 2 colors
Unisex Volleyball 4 colors
€112.00 160.00
Premium Aero Jacket
Damen Laufen 2 colors
€60.00 100.00
Unisex Fußball 2 colors
Unisex Judo 1 color

Running clothing

You need good running gear to be able to perform optimally. The nice thing about running is that you can train all year round. Want to go outside in wind and weather, in cold and warm weather, on the athletics track, the road, the forest, the beach, or would you rather go inside the gym on the running belt? Every runner knows the great feeling afterwards; you feel fit and full of new energy. You can run wherever and whenever you want, but the right running apparel is crucial. If you choose a running outfit that consists of different layers, you can always adapt your running clothes to the circumstances. Furthermore, a good fit, sufficient freedom of movement and the right temperature are of great importance when choosing your running outfit.

Mizuno running clothing for men and women

At Mizuno, with over 100 years of knowledge of sportswear, we have put together a strong range of running clothes for men and women. Both the men's running apparel and women's running apparel collection of Mizuno consists of various running shorts, running T-shirts and singlets, running leggings, hoodies and jackets. These sweaters and jackets from Mizuno also fit your casual outfit or a fitness workout. For women there are also running bra's and tank tops, all in different colors and sizes. Both the quality and the fit of the Mizuno running clothing is the result of years of research and continuous product improvement in collaboration with world-class athletes. Comfortable stretch qualities and technical qualities for ventilation, moisture and heat dissipation ensure that you can perform optimally in running clothing from Mizuno. Every season Mizuno develops a new range of running clothing in the newest colors and designs.

In combination with a pair of Mizuno running shoes and socks, your new running outfit is complete!

Buy running clothing at Mizuno

Due to the intensive use and cleaning of your running clothes, wear will occur over time and certain user characteristics will have less effect. That is why we recommend regularly renewing running gear. Give yourself the nice feeling of a new set of sportswear during your training or competition. Your performance will improve! Buying a new sports outfit will make you want to train again and improve your performance. You can order running clothes easily and safely online in the Mizuno web shop so that you can try at home. Benefit from free shipping on all orders from € 75 and free returns.

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