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Wave Rider 26 Roxy

With the combination of Mizuno’s commitment towards global environmental preservation and ROXY’s celebration of women with positive energy and support of female athletes, the WAVE RIDER 26 ROXY is the perfect shoe for the active lifestyle.

Wave Lightning Neo 2

The Lightning NEO 2 is the modern evolution of the Wave Lightning Z7. With a sleek design sporting a full knit upper and the most advanced Mizuno technologies, a footwear model like this has never been seen before in the Volleyball world.

Wave Rebellion Pro

Wave Rebellion Pro

The new Wave Rebellion Pro is the first Mizuno shoe to integrate a Wave plate with the use of carbon fiber and "Smooth Speed ​​Assist" technologies Welcome to a new generation of speed!

Wave Mujin TL GTX

The Wave Mujin TL GTX has a distinct outdoor feel, while staying sleek and sophisticated. Combined with function-based pieces of apparel, it can become the perfect shoe to please the ones that want to bring outdoors and fashion together, keeping the explorer mindset.

Trail Running

At Mizuno, we aimed to answer the following question: “How can we remove the weight of excess materials, while simultaneously enhancing the protection levels of a trail shoe?” While retaining its critical protective parts across the upper mesh and PU sock liner, the Wave Mujin 9 decreased its weight from 355 grams to 340 grams compared to its predecessor.

Wave Inspire 19

How can we make the Inspire series smoother while providing the same level of unmatched stability?

Kizuna Fishermen Pack

The Fishermen Kizuna Pack takes inspiration from the Japanese culture:

Mizuno Alpha

Created for players seeking a lightweight and flexible boot with a barefoot feel.

Alpha Azure Blue

Azure Blue is an elegant shade of blue which represents confidence and stability...

¿Debo estirar antes o después de correr? – Mizuno Running EU

¿Debo estirar antes o después de correr? Descubre cómo y cuándo hacerlo y la mejor rutina de estiramientos para running. ¡Entra y no te lo pierdas!

Wave Prophecy LS

These shoes are the outcome of a study on simplicity and authenticity, a tribute to..

Undyed Pack

The Undyed collection is a love letter to nature, to its cyclical aspects and to its raw beauty.