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Make the swap - netball

#Make the swap

Over 1 Million Netballers wearing the wrong shoes for their sport

Wave Rider 1 Tech Future pack


It's out! The newest TECH FUTURE dominates with its cutting edge vibes and urban colors selection.

Wave Rider 1 90's Athletic pack


The late 90’s saw Mizuno literally dominate in sports, working with the greatest athletes of the time, and reaching technological peaks in advancement and performance.

Wave Stealth V


The shoe for pivot and backcourt players

Cypriot Fairytale

Cypriot Fairytale

From Paramytha to the biggest tournaments

Mizuno Craftmanship

Mizuno Craftmanship

The essence of Culture, Passion and Performance

Wave Lightning Z4

Equatorial Fall Pack

A touch of brightness to the Volleyball Winter Season

Blue Jewel Pack

Blue Jewel Pack

Mizuno and the Italian Volleyball National Team heading to Tokyo 2020

Wimbledon 2018

Wimbledon 2018

Grass courts, white outfits, strawberries and cream.

AltMizuno and Judo: A close bond

Mizuno and Judo: A close bond

More than 50 years of experience in Judo


Dynamism is in the detail

Lighter. More Dynamic. More Comfortable.

Wave Ultima 10 – Amsterdam edition

Wave Ultima 10 – Amsterdam edition

Dutch Masters inspire this special edition for the Amsterdam Marathon