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HANON x Mizuno Sky Medal

In Hanon's 30th anniversary year, the brand shares a celebratory dram with Mizuno as we blend both countries love for whisky for their take on the Sky Medal - ‘The Angel’s Share’.

Mizuno Sportstyle Mondo Control

Mizuno Sportstyle Mondo Control

The experiences we live today are often filtered by technology, both in life and sport. Technical research applied to performance, which began in the 1990s, is still key to ensure that athletes reach truly extraordinary results. Mizuno pays tribute to the era in which this technological race began by celebrating the Mondo Control, a true icon of its running catalogues.



Victory Gold Pack

Victory Gold Pack

This is the latest drop in a long history of gold boots starting from the ultra-limited Morelia II in which we only created 35 pairs. That was followed by the Gold/Black Japanese premium pack which flew off the shelves.

Sportstyle: Lights

Sportstyle Lights

Tokyo: a metropolis dotted with neon lights flashing and illuminating the urban landscape with fluorescent colours. The Lights collection draws inspiration from these glowing colours and strong contrasts capturing the hypnotic reality of Tokyo.

Wave Daichi 5

Trail running is a state of mind. It allows you to open your senses, listen to your body and to appreciate the place where you are running.

Wave Inspire Waveknit

When we introduced the Wave Inspire Waveknit, we aimed at creating the best running shoe for high mileage runners who require moderate support and dynamic cushioning.

Volleyball-Handball Aurora pack

Auroras shimmers in the night sky and usually lasts only one instant. This is what makes them beautiful and so special.

Morelia 35th Anniversary

Since its introduction in 1985, the Mizuno Morelia has been worn by several of the world’s most notable players and has represented one of the milestones in football boots history.

Cuprum Pack Running

Running Cuprum Pack

The new Running Cuprum pack, inspired by Copper’s (from Latin: Cuprum) high thermal and electrical conductivity properties, will provide you with the energy to take on your next running challenges.

Nitro Pack

Volleyball Nitro pack

The volleyball Nitro pack, inspired by nitrogen’s properties, will bring you the power for you to enhance your explosive movements on court.

Wave Exceed Tour 4 Tennis Shoe

Wave Exceed Tour 4

Lighter, faster and stronger than ever. The new edition of the Wave Exceed Tour embodies Mizuno’s aim for innovation and it is engineered to deliver the perfect balance of speed, stability and innovation.