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Morelia 35th Anniversary

Since its introduction in 1985, the Mizuno Morelia has been worn by several of the world’s most notable players and has represented one of the milestones in football boots history.

Cuprum Pack Running

Running Cuprum Pack

The new Running Cuprum pack, inspired by Copper’s (from Latin: Cuprum) high thermal and electrical conductivity properties, will provide you with the energy to take on your next running challenges.

Nitro Pack

Volleyball Nitro pack

The volleyball Nitro pack, inspired by nitrogen’s properties, will bring you the power for you to enhance your explosive movements on court.

Wave Exceed Tour 4 Tennis Shoe

Wave Exceed Tour 4

Lighter, faster and stronger than ever. The new edition of the Wave Exceed Tour embodies Mizuno’s aim for innovation and it is engineered to deliver the perfect balance of speed, stability and innovation.

Wave Exceed Tour 4 Tennis Shoe

Wave Horizon 4

The Wave Horizon 4 is one of the main novelties of our road running collection for the new season, including the latest technologies to deliver an ultimate floating run experience.

Katakana Pack

Katakana pack

At Mizuno, we proudly celebrate our Japanese identity and, once again, we took inspiration from our cultural roots to create the volleyball Katakana pack.

Wave Skyrise

The Wave Skyrise is a totally new Mizuno running shoe built for a soft, comfortable run from landing to toe off.

Morelia Neo II Beta

The Morelia Neo II β is at the pinnacle of Japanese Mizuno innovation. Created strictly as a limited-edition item, you will have to be ultrafast to get your hand on a pair of these.

Cuprum pack

Cuprum Pack

Copper (from Latin: Cuprum) is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Inspired by Copper’s properties, the new Indoor Cuprum pack will provide you with the energy to face and overcome the toughest challenges.

Brazilian Spirit Pack

Brazilian Spirit

The bright and colorful Brazilian Spirit pack embodies the pure passion for football representing a tribute to the home country of several Mizuno most iconic players and where the Morelia was born in the ‘80s. Not surprisingly, Brazilians often refer to their country as "o País do Futebol" ("the country of football").

Osaka Marathon 2019

Mizuno x Osaka Marathon

Mizuno is, once again, one of the official sponsors of the Osaka Marathon. This event, which takes place in our home town on December 1st, hosts more than 50,000 runners in a remarkable day where running and charity team up to encourage participants to support a donation program.

Mizuno Wild Nordic

Sportstyle: Wild Nordic

Mizuno Sportstyle takes inspiration from the wild and thick underwoods of Northern Europe to enrich its FW19 collection with new colours, ideal for the winter look.