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Wave Inspire 19

How can we make the Inspire series smoother while providing the same level of unmatched stability?

Kizuna Fishermen Pack

The Fishermen Kizuna Pack takes inspiration from the Japanese culture:

Mizuno Alpha

Created for players seeking a lightweight and flexible boot with a barefoot feel.

Alpha Azure Blue

Azure Blue is an elegant shade of blue which represents confidence and stability...

¿Debo estirar antes o después de correr? – Mizuno Running EU

¿Debo estirar antes o después de correr? Descubre cómo y cuándo hacerlo y la mejor rutina de estiramientos para running. ¡Entra y no te lo pierdas!

Wave Prophecy LS

These shoes are the outcome of a study on simplicity and authenticity, a tribute to..

Undyed Pack

The Undyed collection is a love letter to nature, to its cyclical aspects and to its raw beauty.

Wave Sky 6

Experience Mizuno's highest level of comfort and cushioning: thanks to

Dark iridium

Refined for supreme comfort and acceleration, it offers an excellent touch to the ball in all conditions.

Wave Rider Amsterdam

Since 23 years, Mizuno is the main sponsor of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon...

Brayelin & Jinery Martinez - For the Moment Campaign

Brayelin & Jinery Martinez

Brayelin and Jinery Martinez were born in Santo Domingo, on a small Caribbean Island. They love their country, but moreover, they love to be on the court, striving to be the best version of themselves. Together they had to face many difficulties, but learnt to overcome them and in the progress becoming stronger and more passionate each step of the way. These two sisters, together with their team, created such a strong bond between them that it helps when facing pressure and expectations of a whole nation. With their eyes set on the future they inspire the next generation to become better versions of themselves

Wave Rider 26

Ideal for runners with an average build, the Wave Rider 26, is considered a runner’s perfect