Ultimate Guide To Running Shoes
| 17.07.2023

How to Choose the best running Shoes

When you buy running shoes, have you ever felt confused about how to pick the right one? There are multiple correct ways to choose running shoes and everyone should use their own criteria to pick the perfect pair.

Here is a guide for how to choose shoes by taking into consideration both you preferred running feeling and your running style.

The running comfort you prefer

Point 1 – One way to choose shoes is based on the sensation they offer when running

Point 2 – Mizuno offers two types of running sensations: “floating” and “propulsive”.

Recent research has shown that it is good to select running shoes based on the comfort they offer. According to this research, all runners have their own preferred running comfort, and wearing shoes that match their preferred level of comfort will lead to improved performance and the prevention of physical issues and injuries. Therefore, picking shoes based on your desired level of comfort is one of the best ways to choose shoes. We believe that there are two main types of running sensations. One is what we call the sensation of “floating”, where you prefer a soft, cushioned feeling. Wave Sky, Wave Horizon, and some other Mizuno shoes offer this running sensation. The other is what we call “propulsive. This gives you the sense of being ‘propelled’ into your next step, rolling smoothly from your heel to toe. Mizuno’s Wave Rider and Wave Inspire will give you that running sensation.

Ultimate Running Shoe Guide

Your running style

Point 1 – One way to choose shoes is based on your running style (pronation)

Point 2 – Check your pronation by looking at the degree of uneven wear and tear on your outsole

Another factor to consider when selecting running shoes is your pronation. “Pronation” refers to the natural motion when the foot arch collapses inwards upon landing. It is a natural movement, and it happens to cushion the impact of landing when running.

A moderate inward pronation is called “neutral pronation” and is considered the ideal landing position. However, excessive inward “overpronation” places heavy stress on the entire leg, including the leg muscles and knee joints, and often results in pain and injury.

If you are concerned about overpronation, one solution is to choose shoes that function to support the foot and prevent overpronation. If you want to judge the level of overpronation yourself, turn over your shoes and check the outsoles for uneven wear and tear. If you have overpronation, the inner part of the outsoles will probably show signs of wear.

Mizuno’s Wave Rider and Wave Inspire both offer a propulsive running sensation, however, the Wave Inspire offers more support for overpronation. The same goes for the Wave Sky and Wave Horizon, the latter offering more support on the medial side. It is a good idea to check your pronation and choose shoes that offer the level of support you require.

Running comfort and running style

Point 1 – One way to choose shoes is based on both running comfort and running style

Point 2 – Your running comfort and running style may change from day to day

There are many ways to choose the right shoes for you. Try considering both running comfort and running style when choosing your shoes. As you continue running, your comfort and running style may change. Choose the shoes that suit you at that moment in time by checking websites on the internet and/or consulting with staff at a specialty store if you want to gain more in-depth knowledge and advice.