Ultimate Guide To Running Shoes
| 17.07.2023

how to clean running shoes

Knowing how to clean your running shoes is essential for every runner. Here is a step-by-step guide for how to clean your running shoes and extend the life of your running shoes.

Basic guide to clean your running shoes

Point 1 – Use warm water

Point 2 – Use laundry detergent to wash muddy shoes instead of just water

(1) Prepare a brush, detergent, and a bucket of water
(2) Check the material of your running shoes. Synthetic fibers and synthetic leather can be washed, but natural leather cannot so you need to be careful. Remove the shoelaces and insole of the shoes.
(3) Brush off any mud from the shoes. If there is wet mud on the shoes, let it dry before removing it.
(4) Mix warm water with a small amount of laundry detergent.
(5) Put the shoes in the bucket and scrub them with a brush.
(6) Rinse the shoes with clean water.
(7) Wrap the shoes in a dry cloth to remove all moisture and dry them in the shade. Be careful not to dry them in direct sunlight.

If your shoes are muddy and smelly

Point 1 – Soak the shoes for a while

Point 2 – For stubborn mud stains, scrub with a solution of detergent and water

For running shoes that are muddy and smelly, soak the shoes in a solution of detergent and lukewarm water before scrubbing them with a brush.