Mizuno Hockey
Stories | 01.07.2020

Mizuno Hockey

Aiming for further growth within the European sports industry, Mizuno has decided to enter the realm of Field Hockey. Having more than 114 years of experience in developing performance sportswear products, Mizuno is well-known for its leading position in the industry of high-quality footwear for a broad variety of sports. Combined with the growing market’s demand for high quality Field Hockey shoes, the extension of its footwear development into the hockey category was a logical choice.

With the support of their strong and already existing indoor category, targeting the outdoor Field Hockey market led Mizuno to conduct special research. To ensure that the Field Hockey shoes meet Mizuno’s high-quality standards, they collaborated with Japan’s national Field Hockey team who extensively put the models to the test. Years of research and development have resulted in two main models: Wave Panthera and Wave Lynx (JR). The two models are scheduled to hit the market on July 1st.


The Autumn/Winter 2020 Mizuno collection for Field Hockey is equipped with 2 high-performance Field Hockey Shoes: The Wave Panthera and Wave Lynx (JR). Like any fearless feline, these high-performance hockey shoes are light enough to make sure you strike without compromising your balance with a high performance grip.

Mizuno Hockey

What sets these two apart is the Wave Panthera is light weight and offers stability for high performance athletes. It is targeted towards the needs of elite level Field Hockey players who want to move fast and make effortless turns. It will be available in 2 colorways: Reach Beyond (blue) and Dark Night (black).

The Wave Lynx (JR) is lightweight and offers traction solutions that works for multiple surfaces. Equipped with Mizuno’s wave technology this shoe provides great balance and cushioning stability. It is targeted towards mid-level Field Hockey athletes and will be available for junior players as well. The Wave Lynx will be available in: Reach Beyond (blue) and Dark night (black).

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