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Stories | 06.05.2019

Mizuno Running Apparel Collection

Why runners should wear Mizuno running apparel

Design, functionality and technology are the three key elements that determine the quality of running sportswear. Our new running apparel collection for this summer features is an integration of minimalist design, athletes-centered function and advanced Japanese technology.

Minimalist Design

Great design does not need complicated elements. We always believed that simplicity is the key. That’s why we travelled back to the ancient Japanese aesthetics and selected “Issen” as our design theme. “Issen”, which means “one line” in Japanese language, is an oriental minimalistic type of design. The line-based patterns, which are associated with conciseness and power, take the center stage to expand the philosophy of Mizuno to athletes worldwide. We have four collections for this Spring/Summer season: Premium, Active Performance, Trail and Heritage.

Morelia Neo II F9T

Mizuno Premium

Breathability and lightness are the core characteristics of the Mizuno Premium running apparel. We aim to keep you running in any temperature. Our goal is that you can run outdoors and do not have to bear the heat weave on the warmest days in summer. Mizuno SolarCut technology will do the rest, keeping your body cool and protecting your skin from the sun, by reflecting sunlight ultraviolet waves and reducing the light transmission.
Key Features
– Mizuno NightLite technology, with its reflective material, allows runners to stay safe when running in low light conditions
– Seamless line pattern, which takes inspiration from Japanese traditional garment Kimono, light up the serious with unique and bright design.

Wave Mirage 2.1 Handball

Mizuno Active Performance

The primary goal of the Active Performance apparel is to help athletes stay active during their runs, even when the weather is changeable, and the control of the body temperature control is the unique function that distinguishes this collection.
Key Features
– Mizuno Drylite technology, which draws excess moisture away from the body, creates a comfortable and dry microclimate.
– NightLite technology provides superior retro reflection for low light runs.

Mizuno Trail

Designed especially for trail runners, Mizuno trail apparel is ultra-lightweight and breathable. Mizuno incorporates technologies that allow runners to keep body temperature even during the most challenging runs. The zip-up pockets are designed for storing your keys, phone and food.
Key Features
– Weather resistant: waterproof and windproof to deliver a perfect protection against the elements.
– Fast drying fabric: specific mesh to enhance movements and air circulation during long runs.
– Solar Cut: keep your body cool and protects your skin from the sun

Morelia Neo II F9T

Mizuno Heritage

Mizuno Heritage apparel is designed to keep you comfortable before and after exercise. This line incorporates graphic elements of Mizuno identity, like the RunBird logo, which stands for “boundless expanse and dynamism of sports”.
Key Features
– Mizuno Heritage graphics
– Soft fabric to enhance lightness and breathability

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