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Stories | 03.04.2020

Mizuno Covid-19 statement

Dear Mizuno customers,

During these difficult times, the health and safety of our teammates and our customers are essential. We follow the news around the COVID-19 Corona virus daily to implement the applicable local directives.


Many of our partner stores may have had to close their doors, but most of them have an online shop where you can still visit them. Please support your local stores during these times. Take a look in our online store locator to find local Mizuno resellers.


You are also always welcome to shop online on our website. We continue to deliver to you and are committed to providing you the high quality service that you are used to. Some deliveries may take longer than usual. When possible, please consider to have your order delivered to a home address instead of a pickup location.

Take care, stay fit and Reach Beyond!

Mizuno Team

We are in the midst of the most difficult of times. An invisible threat has changed our world and called upon us all to dig deep to find determination, strength and courage. The threat may not have reduced our cities to rubble or laid waste to our infrastructure but everybody, everywhere on the planet is feeling its shockwaves.

There are no weddings, no family gatherings. There is no socialising in pubs, bars or restaurants. It has closed our schools and prevented exams. It has shut our shops and cancelled our holidays. It has halted our team sports and wiped out our running races. It has stopped our tournaments and matches. And it has postponed the greatest show on earth in Tokyo.

But we are a tough bunch, us humans - we will get through this. We will stay fit, we will stay healthy - in mind and body. The power of sport and exercise to benefit and contribute to society has never been more clear, or more potent. From our homes we continue to inspire each other and demonstrate that we're all equal. We are all in exactly the same position and we are all here to help each other get through this. And make no mistake - we will get through this.

We will support you. We will be your team. We will win and we will win together.