Mizuno Inazuma Football Shoes
Stories | 02.08.2019


Limited to 3,500 pairs worldwide!

The Morelia Neo II β is at the pinnacle of Japanese Mizuno innovation. Created strictly as a limited-edition item, you will have to be ultrafast to get your hand on a pair of these.

Mizuno Football

The greatest supercars of recent generations have been developed with an industry famous Japanese approach of ‘Kaizen’, meaning to take apart every single piece of the boot to its raw parts before optimising each piece. What is created at the end is the fastest product yet.

Our Morelia Neo is no different. The outsole has an ultralight, polyurethane insert to reduce the weight by 10%. The upper features a single stitched ultra-thin leather forefoot which is connected to a semi-transparent textile mesh covered in a thin foil and layered with an ultra-soft, premium suede lining to maintain a great fit. Overall the weight has been reduced to 170g but remains as high performing and durable as ever.

Mizuno football

Finally, both the tongue and sockliner have been engineered to shave off the extra grams of weight to achieve the lightest Mizuno Football boot ever. The Morelia Neo II β is Made in Japan and is engineered with performance in mind and as a result is double-bonded to ensure a long-lasting, durable product made not just for your best days. The opening launch colour is an eye-catching silver with a fresh looking outlined Golden Runbird.

We are focused on developing for the future and the Morelia Neo II β in Silver and Gold is the first drop in which Mizuno begins to test the consumer feedback and reaction to develop the next evolution in Mizuno Football.

Mizuno football