Mizuno FOOTBALL Shoes
Stories | 25.06.2019

Tokyo Nights Pack

‘Strike with Control’ under the red neon lights of Tokyo with the brand new Rebula 3 or find your ultimate speed wearing the ethereal blue on the night inspired Morelia Neo II.
Tokyo has always been at the epicentre of bright lights and innovation in the new world, this launch highlights the raw, powerful and creative nature that this city brings to Japan. Tokyo is truly a city that never sleeps and one that comes increasingly alive as the twilight covers the night sky with brilliant flashes of colour a light from the city.

Morelia Neo II

The blue highlight of the Morelia Neo represents the cloaked, mysterious nature of Tokyo which revels under the paradigm of technology. The Morelia Neo II embodies this innovation at its core in being one of the lightest, high performance leather boots in the market.
Engineered in Japan for raw speed and weighing in well below 200g, our Morelia Neo II features a premium grade K-Leather upper combined with a super-soft and pliable midfoot to create a show that fits from the moment you put it on.

Rebula 3

The silver and red accents on the Rebula 3 symbolize the fighting spirit of modern Tokyo which is embroiled in a multinational aim for innovation.
Worn by key athletes such as Fernando Torres (Sagan Tosu), Maya Yoshida (Southampton) and Shinji Okazaki (Leicester City).
Discover the perfect fit with soft K-Leather, handcrafted in Japan, combined with a special 3D CT-Frame that ensures perfect ball control. With the stud stabiliser technology, the new outsole gives great traction and stability in every direction.