Mizuno x Hanon Brown and Light blue Shoes
Stories | 19.02.2020

HANON x Mizuno Sky Medal

«The Angel’s Share»

In Hanon's 30th anniversary year, the brand shares a celebratory dram with Mizuno as we blend both countries love for whisky for their take on the Sky Medal - ‘The Angel’s Share’.

Following the successful release of the Wave Rider 1, we delved back into our Japanese archives and pulled out the Sky Medal - a classic 90’s running shoe straight which was officially released in 1993 following an iconic debut at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona on the feet of all Mizuno athletes.

Mizuno x Hanon brown and light blue shoes

HANON was originally established in Elgin, a town located in the Speyside region of Scotland. This region is awash with distilleries and has the largest amount across the whole of the country, making it very famous for whisky. With distilleries, cooperages, and pagoda roofs aplenty throughout the Speyside landscape, for the HANON edition of the Sky Medal, they draw on the poetic nature of whisky and pay homage to ‘The Angel’s Share’.

‘The Angel’s Share’ is described as the percentage of alcohol that evaporates from a cask into the air as the whisky ages over time. For Scotland specifically, the amount that the Angel’s take is around 2% per year due to the colder nature of our climate but the share can also be determined by barrel size, time, and environmental conditions.

Mizuno x Hanon shoes

Letting the materials and colourway do the talking, tonal branding appears on the heel and tongue and we’ve applied dual-branding to the leather laminated insole which features the Gaelic phrase “Uisge beatha” - used to describe whisky and translates to “water of life”.

Presented in the classic Mizuno box, the HANON edition of the Sky Medal is supplied with three lace sets complete with branded aglets, and will be available from HANON via an online raffle which begins on February 17th.

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