Mizuno x Pardon My French
Stories | 26.10.2019

Sportstyle: Wild Nordic

Mizuno Sportstyle takes inspiration from the wild and thick underwoods of Northern Europe to enrich its FW19 collection with new colours, ideal for the winter look.The result is the exclusive Wild Nordic Pack, a renewed version of two iconic models, the Wave Rider and the Sky Medal.

Mizuno Wild Nordics

Inspired by the white Tundra with its cold and dark shades, the Wild Nordic Pack is the ideal choice for the people who prefer a less eccentric colour palette, without giving up the unmistakable street-wear feel that makes Mizuno Sportstyle the favourite choice of urban style lovers.

Made of super soft suede with mesh details, the Wave Rider Wild Nordic presents its characteristic wavy leather patterns in the shades of black, forest green and dark brown, broken up by a thin lilac line. The sole, instead of the classic white, reflects the dark green colour of the upper.

Mizuno Wild Nordic shoes

The Sky Medal Wild Nordic has an upper made of premium suede and mesh elements, with even darker tones, made stronger by the contrast with the white stained-effect sole.

Mizuno Sportsyle Wild Nordic