Mizuno WoodWood
Stories | 20.03.2020

Wood Wood X MIZUNO

Mizuno and Wood Wood air two versions of the renowned Mizuno Wave Rider 10, with one being a limited edition.

Combining the Japanese heritage from Mizuno with the Copenhagen neighbourhood of Nørrebro, the shoes express experimentality. The Wave Rider 10 is a retro-tech running shoe from 2007 and is part of the iconic Wave Rider Franchise. With an unbound attitude, the outer consists of multiple colours, with all shades being present on both shoes in different scales.

Mizuno Wood Wood

Introducing the designs:

The 55 comes with a suede burgundy, a dusty pink and an orange heel, captivating the mood of the shoe, which combines a coloured texture with the light-coloured mesh surface.

Both versions feature emblems on the heel, with one side including W.W. lettering and another the Mizuno typeface. The limited 02 edition includes multiple tones of beige, specks of matte orange and a small inclusion of dusty green that contributes with unexpected excitement.

Wood Wood x Mizuno

The collaboration with Mizuno encourages expression. The capsule maintains a strong emphasis on comfort as the bearing element, with the outer serving as the alluring factor. With a combination of materials from multiple applications of breathable mesh to durable canvas and suede, the shoes refuse a final definition.