Mizuno Tennis Shoes
Stories | 15.05.2019

Mizuno Tennis Collection for the Clay Season

Three Shoes For All Kind Of Players

The clay season is here and the courts are ready to host important tournaments for our players, who will finish their way on clay with the second Grand Slam of the season: Roland Garros.
For all Mizuno Tennis shoes, we have AC (all court) and CC (clay court) shoes, to provide every athlete with the latest outsole technology for their specific needs. The AC outsole is designed with deeper grooves to adapt to the hard-court surface. While on clay tennis courts, the CC outsole is designed to offer excellent traction on the iconic red surface.

The Role of the Wave Technology

Mizuno Wave Technology provides extra support in the rearfoot and keeps the ankle in the correct position, helping you prevent injuries when playing in slippery Clay Courts. As the Wave plate has the capacity to bend, it allows shock absorption and maximized energy return.

Wave Intense Tour 5 - Reach for Power

The Wave Intense Tour 5 is designed for competitive players who control the game from the baseline. The increased outsole width provides athletes with more controlling on sliding and lateral stability. This shoe is chosen by Philipp Kohlschreiber, who values the improvements made by Mizuno for this latest edition.

Wave Exceed Tour 3 - Reach for Speed

The Wave Exceed Tour 3 is a perfect choice for all-round tennis players. Besides the Wave technology, which delivers dynamic cushioning and excellent stability, the Wave Exceed Tour 3 is a combination of power, speed and stability. The PoWnCe midsole offers further support with the maximum weight saving and responsive cushioning, and the 3D-Solid technology provides athletes with natural fit and high durability.

Wave Impulse - Reach for Agility

If you are a player who think that agility is the most important thing, then the Wave Impulse is the best option for you. This shoe is a perfect combination of comfort and agility. The Wave Impulse delivers a lightweight performance and a great fit thanks to the combination of the Mizuno Wave and the Dynamotion Fit technologies.

Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5