Mizuno RUnning Cuprum Pack
Stories | 02.01.2020

Volleyball-Handball Aurora pack

Inspired by the power of Nature

Auroras shimmers in the night sky and usually lasts only one instant. This is what makes them beautiful and so special.

Let’s Capture this instant beauty before it slips away and bring the same bright and dancing lights on court. Our latest Aurora pack is available for both Volleyball and Handball.

Mizuno Running Cuprum Pack

Wave Lightning Z6

The Wave Lightning Z6 Aurora is a great light-weighed volleyball shoe, allowing all players to reach unrivalled acceleration thanks to the Extended Mizuno Wave .

With this latest edition, players will also benefit from its rounded heel with new sensor points, able to improve grip and allow smooth movements in all directions.

Mizuno Running Cuprum Pack

Wave Momentum

The Wave Momentum is not only focusing on great cushioning, but also has a high level of stability coming from the construction of the shoe together with our Mizuno Wave.

Mizuno Running Cuprum Pack

Wave Stealth

The Wave Stealth V is the ultimate physical court shoe. Specifically designed to meet the requirements of pivot and backcourt players, every component has a purpose, from delivering immediate power to supporting quick direction changes.

Mizuno Wave technology delivers excellent all-round stability and enhanced midfoot and lateral support. The external heel counter always provides hold and stability for a snug and secure heel fit.

Mizuno Running Cuprum Pack

Wave Mirage

The Wave Mirage is the perfect companio for wing players. It has been optimized to make sure that you are always one step ahead of your opponent.

It's a shoe that can keep up with your quick pace and sharp turns. The mizuno Wave equipped sole enables rapid acceleration and quick multi-directional movements, while keeping foot stable.

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