Wave Daichi 4 Trail Running
Stories | 14.03.2019

Wave Daichi 4

Reach for Adaptivity

The Wave Daichi 4 is Mizuno’s trail running shoe especially designed for unbeatable adaptability so you can maintain top pace even on the most uneven terrains.

A match to the explorative spirit of the trail runner. Well balanced and versatile, this is the go-to shoe for athletes who enjoy running in the great outdoors. Combining the latest road running technology with features that cater to the specific needs of a trail runner, this shoe is made to adapt to any surface, making you will feel stable and protected.

Daichi 4 Trail Running

Tech Insight

Featuring a Michelin rubber outsole for unmatched grip out in the wild. The all new adjustable fitting system adds secure foot binding to your run and works in unison with the XtaRide technology. The new upper on Wave Daichi 4 comes with adjustable fitting for the heel. By tightening the straps, you can securely lock down the heel when conditions get tough out on the trail.

Daichi 4 Mizuno