Mizuno Inazuma Football Shoes
Stories | 23.05.2019

Introducing Mizuno Training

Mizuno’s constant aim is to support every athlete in the pursuit of its goals. To accomplish this, we now deliver not only the best shoes for your performance on the pitch or on court, but also the best shoes to wear during the crucial hours you spend training at the gym, away from the crowds, working hard to improve your athletic abilities and become a more powerful athlete.

Training is extremely important to increase strength and endurance, to prevent injuries and to make athletes more knowledgeable and in control of their bodies and abilities. This is therefore an area that Mizuno investigated and now brings to the market its first range of Training shoes, with innovative technology to improve performance of athletes across all Sports.

Bringing Innovation to your Training

The first thing you will notice as you try on your Mizuno training shoes is a unique feeling of little bumps on the insole. These constitute our core technology: Mizuno COB, which stands for ‘’Centre Of Balance’’.

How does it work?

Mizuno studied the training regime of athletes across multiple sports, such as football, tennis, rugby, handball and volleyball, and tested balance and reaction speed as key influencers of their athletic and sport’s performance.

From this, we developed Mizuno COB technology, which consists of activation bumps, moulded into the surface of the midsoles, that more efficiently transmit accurate sensory information from the feet. When used consistently during you training sessions, this technology has the potential to improve balance and reaction speed.

Simply put, better balance and stability makes you move more efficiently, precisely and quicker, which is the foundation to improve athletic performance and fitness.