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Strong, dynamic handball players looking for cushioning. Especially recommended for pivot and backcourt players.

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Glide through the opposition with the Wave Stealth V. The Mizuno Wave Technology in the lateral midfoot provides all the stability and cushioning necessary for professional level plays, while the Dynamotion Groove enhances flexibility in the forefoot and maximises ground contact for your most agile performance to date. The SR Touch inserts provide colossal force in the push-offs, allowing for maximum strength in your movements. Finally, stability is enhanced by the new external heel counter, working alongside the strong mesh upper that also provides a breathable feel. 


Best-in-class for stability and cushioning thanks to revolutionary Mizuno Wave technology.


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Mizuno Wave

Mizuno Wave
Inspired by nature, Wave is a unique midsole technology that provides both cushioning and stability.

Dynamotion Groove

Dynamotion Groove
An innovatively constructed outsole using specifically designed flex grooves to improve stability and on court agility.

Mizuno Intercool
Removable Insock

Removable Insock
Removable insock for comfort and cushioning.

SR Touch

SR Touch
An advanced lightweight cushioning material that absorbs shocks and keeps the transition smooth and fast due to its quick rebound properties.

Air Mesh

A lightweight midsole compound offering rebound and cushion durability, providing a high level of comfort.

Dura Shield

Dura Shield
Dura Shield protects your toes and increases the product durability.

XG Rubber

XG Rubber
A performance outsole component that enhances traction where needed most.


A shock-absorbing cushioning compound.

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Principali vantaggi


Triaxial support mesh combined with air mesh layer for snug comfort from the inside out


Explosive push off through SR Touch insert and high level cushioning provided by the lightweight AP+ midsole


Mizuno Wave technology provides specific midfoot lateral support and dynamic cushioning