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For Every Run

For Every Run

Every Run is different.
But the mindset that moves us is always the same.

We work on it every day, shaping it through the efforts that we make for pursuing our passions.
By being consistent, we have the possibility to change our lives.

In this fourth episode of the campaign For Every Run, we decided to tell you a different story:
we are taking you to the French city of Marseille, for a sunrise run,
before the city wakes up,
before the hasty life starts.

When running offers you total freedom,
the dawn of new opportunities is around the corner.

Mizuno is For Every One.


We run bergamo


The Crosbie Crew


Akinobu Murasawa

For every run

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Carlo Donadoni - We Run Bergamo

A running community founded by Carlo Donadoni after a life changing trip to London. He discovered the joy of running in a group and decided to create one in his home town Bergamo. Unsure of the results of the event, Carlo was astonished by the presence of more than 300 runners. Since then the group is now a well-established running crew in the city, with the nickname “the City of the Thousands”.

The Crosbie Crew - Melbourne

Having spent more days in lockdown than any other city in the world, runner’s in Melbourne took advantage of this moment to get out and run. The Crosbie Crew has been around for 20 years, consisting of a diverse group of recreational runners, the community focuses on connecting with different people. The group meets every Tuesday at the pillars and uses the area as part of their warm up routine, having the group back together in Melbourne after what they have been through allows them to further reform existing relationships and form new friendships.

Akinobu Murasawa - Japan

Akinobu Murasawa started to run with his older brother in junior high school. Over time, his love for running helped him even when facing injuries and it has become a way of expressing himself. Discover his story by watching the video bellow.

For every run