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Noh-men Pack

Noh-men is a Japanese musical-drama performance art that combines elements of music, dance, and masked theater. It is a masterpiece of Japanese traditional arts, featuring powerful storytelling and spiritual energy.

This collection is inspired by Japan's classical dance-drama, Noh, which is known for its masks. The masks used during these performances are the most recognisable features and essence of the Noh theatre. They are created from a single piece of wood and used to emphasize facial expression and to stimulate the imagination of the audience.

Each sneaker is linked to a specific mask, such as the Wave Rider 10 inspired by the Okina mask of wisdom, the Sky Medal connected to the Tengu mask of protection and prosperity, and the Contender resembling the Kitsune mask of a fox with a changing behaviour.

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Wave Rider 10 noh-man
Sky medal noh-men
Contender noh-men



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