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Wave Exceed Tour 3 Tennis Shoe

Mizuno Tennis Collection for the Clay Season

The clay season is here and the courts are ready to host important tournaments for our players, who will finish their way on clay with the second Grand Slam of the season: Roland Garros.

Wave Daichi 4 Running Shoe

New Step on Mars Volleyball Collection

Step on Mars, Mizuno’s latest indoor collection, takes inspiration from one of mankind’s greatest challenges: a journey to the red planet.

Bibione Beach Marathon

The Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon, the biggest beach volleyball event in the world, takes place for the 6th consecutive time in May 2019.

Mizuno Running Apparel Collection

Our new running apparel collection for this summer features is an integration of minimalist design, athletes-centered function and advanced Japanese technology.

Morelia Neo II F9T

 Mizuno has worked together closely with Fernando Torres to create his first ever unique colourway.

Mizuno X Mikkel Hansen

Mizuno X Mikkel Hansen

Three-time IHF World Player of the Year signs with Mizuno. Current World Champion top scorer and three-time IHF MVP, Mikkel Hansen, joins Mizuno for a three-year partnership that will contribute to the development of Mizuno’s performance handball shoes.

Wave Wave Intense Tour 5

Wave Intense Tour 5

The Wave Intense Tour 5 provides both forefoot stability and rearfoot cushioning to help you achieve a performance on court that is both dynamic and smooth.

Mizuno Wave Sonic 2

Wave Sonic 2

Crafted for nothing but speed, Wave Sonic 2 is the race training shoe for runners with a need to go faster. You are training hard on a daily basis to better your best and looking for a way to get an edge in the race against yourself.

Wave Inspire 15 Running Shoe

Wave Inspire 15

15 years ago runners came calling for a go-to shoe for the moderate type of running. The answer from Mizuno was the Wave Inspire, which covers a wide range of runners of different levels.

Football Mizuno Rebula 2

Rebula 2 - Reach for Control

To perform at your highest level, you must always be in control and the Rebula 2 is all about controlling the game with the ball at your feet.

Seashore Pack Mizuno Sportstyle

RB-LINE: Seashore Pack

The echo of far-away beaches infuses the latest iteration of the Wave Rider, the now iconic OG style from Mizuno RB Line.

Waveknit S1 Running Shoe

Waveknit S1

Inspired by our iconic Wave Technology, Mizuno introduces the Waveknit. With a performance enhancing knitted construction on the upper, this innovative material provides a breathable, natural yet dynamic sock-like fit with unique stretch and hold abilities.