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Urban Camo Pack

The Urban Camo Pack is the latest running collection for this season, featuring elegant and modern shade contrasts from white to black. This pack includes six of our running shoes: Wave Sky 3, Wave Rider 23, Wave Ultima 11, Wave Horizon 3, Wave Inspire 15 and Wave Polaris.

Mechanical Pack

The Mechanical Pack, a colour pack specifically developed for our volleyball and handball shoes, embodies and honors the spirit of pursuing technology innovations.

wave sky 3

Fresh Pack

If we wanted to define the 90s, we would use expressions like pop culture, mainstream, boyband, but also neon colors, flashy patterns and eccentric graphics.

Tennis Origami Pack

Mizuno’s AW19 tennis collection draws inspiration from Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding by transforming a flat square sheet into a finished sculpture. Through this process, a seemingly ordinary piece of paper suddenly comes alive. The Origami concept is translated into Mizuno’s footwear and apparel collection by the introduction of geometric shapes.

Wave Mirage 3 Gladiator

A true gladiator shows no fear no matter how tough the battle is. If you want to become an undefeatable handball player, you need to have same mentality as a gladiator - never give up, endure all hardships, until one day you can overpower the opponents and become truly unbeatable.


The Morelia Neo II β is at the pinnacle of Japanese Mizuno innovation. Created strictly as a limited-edition item, you will have to be ultrafast to get your hand on a pair of these.

WAVE Rider 23

The Wave Rider is the epitome of Mizuno’s goal to provide only the best running experience. Innovation that stays true to our origins leads to continuous evolution in a shoe that has retained the iconic ‘Rider feel’ over the last 20 years.

Wave Lightning Z5

Wave Lightning Z5

The Wave Lightning has witnessed memorable moments in Volleyball. This has inspired Mizuno to keep improving it to always provide players with a top performance shoe.

wave ibuki 2

Wave Ibuki 2

The Wave Ibuki 2 is designed for trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy defying nature and take on tougher challenges.

Sky Medal

The Sky Medal, a classic running shoe that bears all of the hallmarks of the time.

Tokyo Nights Pack

Tokyo Nights Pack

‘Strike with Control’ under the red neon lights of Tokyo with the brand new Rebula 3 or find your ultimate speed wearing the ethereal blue on the night inspired Morelia Neo II.



Inspired by classic Japanese retro gaming, the Jump N’ Run collection takes you on a journey to explore the golden age of video games. This vintage inspiration comes to life in our indoor shoes with a console-grey based upper and energetic power-up colors.