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Mizuno Sportstyle Wood Wood

Wood Wood X MIZUNO

Mizuno and Wood Wood air two versions of the renowned Mizuno Wave Rider 10, with one being a limited edition. Combining the Japanese heritage from Mizuno with the Copenhagen neighbourhood of Nørrebro, the shoes express experimentality. The Wave Rider 10 is a retro-tech running shoe from 2007 and is part of the iconic Wave Rider Franchise. With an unbound attitude, the outer consists of multiple colours, with all shades being present on both shoes in different scales.

Seremaia "Jerry" Tuwai Vunisa - For the Moment campaign

Seremaia "Jerry" Tuwai Vunisa

Seremaia "Jerry" Tuwai Vunisa has already written a piece of history in Rugby. He and his team, the Fiji Sevens, returned home from Rio 2016 with a shiny, gold medal on their chest. From that moment onwards, Jerry has worked and trained even harder, giving all himself to re-pay the sacrifices made by his parents. Indeed, their endorsement made him the incredible athlete he is today. Part of his mission is also to inspire the next generation of Fijians and to show that anything is possible. Any dream can become true.

Ronda Rousey x Mizuno Training

Ronda Rousey x Mizuno Training

Ronda Rousey, the baddest woman on the planet, is the newest addition to the Mizuno family. She is one of the biggest female athletes of all-time – constantly pushing the envelope and motivating young athletes to strive beyond what they thought was possible. Ronda is also the epitome of female empowerment and is a leading, authentic voice driving change and opportunity for female athletes.

Mizuno Sportstyle Suede

Retro Classic Collection

Mizuno is dropping a new effortlessly cool collection in its Sportstyle portfolio.

Bence Bicsák - For the Moment campaign

Bence Bicsák

The second chapter of our story comes from Pécs, Hungary. Dive into Bence Bicsák’s life with us and discover what a Triathlete’s day looks like. Learn about his efforts, sacrifices and long training sessions to reach the ultimate goal. Ranked among the world’s top 10 triathletes, Bence is restlessly training to be the best, day after day, because even the smallest detail can make the difference between winning or losing. All, for the moment.

Anders Berntsen Mol & Christian Sandlie Sørum - For the moment campaign

Anders Berntsen Mol & Christian Sandlie Sørum

From out of the cold to conquering the beach. The campaign’s journey starts with the remarkable story of best friends Anders Bertsen Mol and Christian Sandlie Sørum who compete in the Men's Beach Volleyball Doubles. They have a great chance of winning but unlike their competitors they’ve had to learn the hard way, training in subzero conditions and battling the bitter cold of the Norwegian Winter.

Mizuno Running Apparel 2020

Mizuno Running Apparel 2020

Designed to provide top-quality activewear for elite runners, Mizuno Apparel collection delivers extremely lightweight and breathable clothing that adapts to your running motion and keeps the body fresh.

HANON x Mizuno Sky Medal

In Hanon's 30th anniversary year, the brand shares a celebratory dram with Mizuno as we blend both countries love for whisky for their take on the Sky Medal - ‘The Angel’s Share’.

Mizuno Sportstyle Mondo Control

Mizuno Sportstyle Mondo Control

The experiences we live today are often filtered by technology, both in life and sport. Technical research applied to performance, which began in the 1990s, is still key to ensure that athletes reach truly extraordinary results. Mizuno pays tribute to the era in which this technological race began by celebrating the Mondo Control, a true icon of its running catalogues.



Victory Gold Pack

Victory Gold Pack

This is the latest drop in a long history of gold boots starting from the ultra-limited Morelia II in which we only created 35 pairs. That was followed by the Gold/Black Japanese premium pack which flew off the shelves.

Sportstyle: Lights

Sportstyle Lights

Tokyo: a metropolis dotted with neon lights flashing and illuminating the urban landscape with fluorescent colours. The Lights collection draws inspiration from these glowing colours and strong contrasts capturing the hypnotic reality of Tokyo.