Mizuno SportstyleBorn Japanese

Born Japanese takes a look into Mizuno’s unique balance between tradition and innovation which constitutes to the very soul of Japanese identity. With this campaign we embrace the culture and heritage that define our values and products.

Wave of the Future

The styles within this collection reflect the rare balance between embracing one’s heritage and striving towards a fresh perspective. The Japanese soul within this pack is represented by the brand moving towards a modern aesthetic while honouring its past.

Past, present, and future are linked together to represent the very essence of running according to Mizuno: The Wave Rider 10 looks back at the Wave Rider 1 OG, while progressing towards the Wave Rider Neo. The white upper and red accent of the Wave Rider 10 is a definite call-back to the sneaker’s performance roots while the black motif serves as a direct reference to the original Wave Rider 1 OG.

Wave of the Future

City Wind

Mizuno's court tradition is embodied by the City Wind, a classic style modeled after the iconic shoe. Coming directly from Mizuno's 1990 tennis catalogue, the City Wind has not strayed from the original silhouette and sought to reproduce the model using only the finest materials. This style represents a timeless approach to the court aesthetic while also presenting a starkly modern and fresh appeal, creating a rare balance between heritage and the present.

This iconic shoe, characterized by a traditional white base and enriched by the red RunBird on the side, speaks to all those with a contemporary, pared-down sense of style.

City Wind OG

Wave Rider 10

The Wave Rider 10 perfectly represents the balance between tradition and innovation embracing Mizuno heritage while keeping a modern sense of style and a fresh perspective.

This new AW20 colourway of the Wave Rider 10 drops with a sporty but sophisticated look.

The white colour variation walks a fine line between essential purity and avant-garde, highlighting the starkness of the silhouette and giving a refined touch to this iconic style.

Wave Rider 10

Kuro Pack

Mizuno continues its exploration of the brand’s history with a new pack which traces a continuum between the history and the future of running.

Kuro Pack creates an open passage between Performance and Sportstyle footwear, and it highlights how they feed off each other, while both responding to the same need to strive towards excellence.

This capsule collection is composed of two of the most iconic styles in the running catalogue: The Wave Rider 10 and Wave Prophecy. Rendered in a striking all-black combination of materials (kuro means black in Japanese) their similarities are remarkable and serve to illuminate how Mizuno has stayed faithful to its own aesthetic canons over the years, and how this range’s silhouettes have developed and progressed over the years while staying true to Mizuno’s identity and respecting its history.

The pack will drop on October 24th Europe wide, and will be available for purchase on mizuno.com and will retail for 250€ while Wave Rider 10 will be 160€. For more information, follow Mizuno Sportstyle on Ig on @mizuno_sportstyle

Kuro Pack