Mizuno celebrates the third – and last – release of its high-profile collaboration with iconic artist Hajime Sorayama with a powerful photoshoot and product campaign that strikes the perfect balance between sport and art.


Both Sorayama’s work and Mizuno have found their center in their exploration of the body – its plasticity, its strength, its capability to defy both gravity and expectation. There is beauty in a powerful body that has been honed over years of sporting activity, there is grace in the tension, stillness in the preparation for a burst of action.

The Shoe

The latest iteration of the Mizuno x Sorayama Wave Prophecy comes in mirrored Champagne gold and white, with completely translucent inserts in the upper. This light and airy palette injects bright new energy into the silhouette, perfect for the summer months. Since the beginning, this collaboration has been designed to celebrate the 10th generation of WAVE PROPHECY with INFINITY WAVE, which brings together Mizuno’s structural technology and continuous drive to evolve in its own unique way.