Ignition Red Pack
Stories | 05.02.2021

Ignition Red Pack

It is no mystery that red provokes the strongest emotions compared to any other colour. The purpose of the new Ignition Red pack is to bring forth passion, power and vitality generated by that colour on your feet.

Red being highly visible to most people does make a difference. High visibility might be helpful in football, referees might be swayed by red, opponents might be intimidated by red, and if you’re wearing red, you might feel better about yourself. Let’s ignite your game!

Mizuno Wave Rider 10 OG


The ultra-fast Morelia Neo III β is targeting extreme levels in terms of speed with the new Ignition Red colour pack.

All the most innovative materials of the last decade combined together with the purest K-Leather in the world to handcraft the third generation of Morelia Neo family. The Morelia Neo III β is Made in Japan and is engineered with performance in mind, every single part of the boots has been developed and optimized to gain speed. These boots can be considered the pinnacle of the World-famous Japanese innovation.


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