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Stories | 15.05.2019

New Step on Mars Volleyball Collection

Mission to Mars

The journey to Mars has been a long-term human mission. The first step on Mars’ surface will be an achievement of epic proportions, but also the start of something unknown. Step on Mars, Mizuno’s latest indoor collection, takes inspiration from one of mankind’s greatest challenges: a journey to the red planet. The colour we used for this collection is inspired by the surface colour of Mars.

The volleyball match, to some extent, is similar to the journey to Mars. When you pursue a goal and set yourself on a challenging path, you require a similar mentality as that of the space tournament: overcoming difficulties and reaching beyond.

Step on Mars is a colour pack for the Wave Lightning Z5 and the Wave Momentum.

Mizuno Volleyball Shoe

Mizuno Wave Lightning Z5

The Wave Lightning Z5 is a volleyball shoe designed for outside hitters and all-round players. The first Mizuno Wave Lightning series was launched 15 years ago. Throughout the years it has been highly praised and appreciated by professional volleyball athletes for its excellent performance.

Key Technologies
- The PoWnCe midsole provides responsive cushioning and comfort while maintaining a light weight.
- The Dura Shield technology protects your toes and improves the overall durability of the shoe.
- The sensor points construction together with the rounded outsole enable the smooth heel strikes needed in volleyball

Mizuno Wave Momentum

The Wave Momentum is the perfect shoe for middle blockers and outside hitters. Its design takes inspiration from the power of nature through triangular and crystal shapes.

Key Technologies
- U4icX foam creates an improved cushioning sensation from the first time you wear this shoe.
- The Mizuno Wave Technology stabilizes the midfoot and rearfoot area and makes the shoe more dynamic.
- XG Rubber is a performance outsole component that enhances traction when needed most.

Mizuno Step On Mars Volleyball Collection