Mizuno Running Apparel Cuprum
Stories | 26.02.2020

Mizuno Running Apparel 2020

Designed to provide top-quality activewear for elite runners, Mizuno Apparel collection delivers extremely lightweight and breathable clothing that adapts to your running motion and keeps the body fresh.

We want to help you reach beyond your running goals even under warm weather, with comfortable apparel that ignites our ambition, propelling you to exceed your limits and push through greater challenges.

Mizuno’s premium running apparel combines the latest technology with vibrant colours and designs to ensure fresh, easy and stylish runs even on the warmest days. Our Dry Aeroflow technology ensure improved breathability even in sweaty conditions. The Solar Cut technology reflects sunlight ultraviolet waves by reducing the light transmission and thus keeping the body cool.

We are dedicated to helping athletes push beyond their limits even when the temperatures rise.

Mizuno Running Apparel

The strong seasonal graphics are inspired by season colour stories and feature reflective details for safety during night runs. Each item is developed for high performance, with high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques. Also, the SOLAR CUT technology helps you stay cool even during the sunniest of days.

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