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Stories | 20.05.2019

Step on Mars - the latest Handball Collection

Mikkel Hansen Takes the First Step

Being the first one to discover the undiscovered is uneasy. For hundreds of years, the red dot in the night sky has caught the curiosity of humans and led us to dream away the remote universe. When it comes to planning missions to Mars, there are many unknown challenges ahead.

As in Handball, if you aim for great challenges, you need to be prepared to face unexpected obstacles. The Danish superstar Mikkel Hansen joins Mizuno in this mission of constantly reaching for the unachievable.

Wave Mirage 3 – Leave them in the Dust

The Wave Mirage 3 is designed for fast wingers, who need a shoe that can keep up with their quick pace and sharp turns. In this third edition, it is updated to deliver a superior blend of agility and stability, keeping the foot protected at all times and facilitating free movement in quick pace. Armour details have been weaved into the shoe’s construction, the most notable example being the protective TPU heel frame wrapping around the heel area.

Wave Stealth V - Strengthen Your Motion

Wave Stealth V is a shoe particularly designed for pivot or backcourt players who are involved in constant physical battles. It provides players with both superior stability and comfortable cushioning, delivering immediate power on demand and supporting your ankle in quick direction changes.

Mizuno Wave Intense Tour 5