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Stories | 15.06.2021

Judo World Championship 2021

Last week, the Judo World Championships took place in Budapest, Hungary. This was the last international judo competition before the main event which will take place this summer. At the end of the competition, 10 brands were represented on the podium but Mizuno's Runbird stood out. Worn by 24 out of the 56 medalist, 8 of which are world champions. These great results are connected to the strong performance of the teams and athletes sponsored by the brand.

Mizuno Wave Rider 10 OG

We would like to congratulate Japan for bringing home 11 medals and 5 World champion titles. As always, the Japanese team was a fierce group to compete against however, this time, it was even more impressive considering that Japan did not send out their best Judoka for each category.
France reserved their best Judokas but sent their title holder Clarisse Agbegnenou, who received an incredible 5th world title, while Madeleine Malonga unfortunately lost during the final round against a fellow Mizuno athlete, Anna Maria Wagner from Germany. At the end of the competition, 8 countries stood and represented Mizuno on the podium, we are proud and honored by their trust in our brand and our products!

Mizuno Judo

On Sunday, the Judo World Championships for Teams had come to an end and for the 3rd consecutive time, we were able to witness Japan and France compete against each other for the top of the podium. Despite the close call, Japan was able to stand tall with Brazil and Uzbekistan by their side to complete the podium.

This massive use of the Mizuno brand during this competition reflects what we can see all year long on IJF world Tour as Mizuno is brand number one on podium. Mizuno is not only producing judogi for the best judoka of the world, we are offering a large range of judogi and sporting goods for all kind of user, from kids beginner to world champion. Have a look at our products and you will probably find the one you need.