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Stories | 03.05.2020

Shape of time

Mizuno introduces Shape of Time. This collection is composed of two styles, each in two different colour variations, and is an ode to time and our way of shaping it. The geometric lines and curved lines which feature on both the Wave Rider and the Sky Medal are a reminder of the dual nature of time, which is not just a precise notion measured in increments, but also a more romantic concept made of happenstance and memories. Pops of colours such as red and yellow contribute to a summery vibe.

Mizuno Shape of Time


This is a particularly current theme, questioning the nature of time and people’s illusion to control it. This is the reason why, together with the capsule, the brand has also launched a digital campaign called #shapeyourtime, which is calling upon people all over the world who are currently on lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and asking them to explain which shape their time is taking, now that it is devoid of many of modernity’s usual pursuits.

Follow the results of the campaign on IG @mizuno_sportstyle #MizunoSportstyle #shapeyourtime.

Available online

This collection is already available in sneaker stores and online:

Mizuno Shape of Time
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