Mizuno FOOTBALL Shoes
Stories | 30.11.2019

Cuprum Pack

Transmit your energy on court

Copper (from Latin: Cuprum) is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Inspired by Copper’s properties, the new Indoor Cuprum pack will provide you with the energy to face and overcome the toughest challenges.

Mizuno Wave is the core technology to energise your performance. It provides players with stability and energy return to get the most of every movement on court. This platform, as well as other key technologies, is highlighted in an elegant, copper colour. Combined with white, the Cuprum shoes present a stylish, luxurious finish.

Wave Mirage 3

The Wave Mirage 3 has been optimised to make sure you are always one step ahead of your opponent. How? By providing you with speed, freedom of movement and stability. The Mizuno Wave enables rapid acceleration and quick multi-directional movements, while keeping your foot stable. The textile-based upper wraps around the foot giving you a sock-like fit, whilst the heel frame ensures high-end support and stability.

Mizuno Cuprum Wave lightning

Wave Stealth V

The Wave Stealth V offers superior stability, comfortable cushioning and great energy return. Specifically designed to meet the requirements of pivots and backcourt players, every component of the Wave Stealth V has a purpose. The Mizuno Wave technology delivers excellent all-round stability and enhanced midfoot and lateral support, while the external heel counter provides hold and stability for a snug and secure heel fit.

Mizuno Cuprum Wave lightning

The Cuprum pack is also available for the volleyball shoes Wave Lightning Z6 and Wave Momentum.

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