Marathon 2019
Stories | 21.10.2019

TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2019

A running celebration

Once again, and for the 20th consecutive year, Mizuno celebrated being main sponsor of one of the biggest running events in Europe, the TCS Amsterdam Marathon. This edition was even more special as we collaborated with the Rijksmuseum to celebrate the Year of Rembrandt, honouring one of the best painters in history. The streets of Amsterdam gathered 47.000 runners from all over the world, 300.000 supporting visitors and 130 million households watching, achieving a new record of participation.

This year, running in Amsterdam also meant supporting the cause of finding the cure for dementia. The collaboration with Virgin Radio and Chris Evans, led to raise €500,000 for Dementia Revolution, a charity campaign delivered by Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The city was filled with dedication, passion and excitement for the event, as we could experience at our Mizuno booth during the weekend.

Watching people running with flags from their countries, athletes breaking their personal records and the smiles on every finisher face made us feel united as one team with the same values and passions.

Mizuno X Mikkel Hansen

It was very special to welcome Mizuno’s President, Mr. Akito Mizuno, who started the Mizuno Half Marathon and encouraged runners to Reach Beyond.

Mizuno Amsterdam Marathon